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IAB Polska/PwC AdEx

About the study

IAB Polska/PwC AdEx is a quarterly financial study on online advertising revenue. The study is conducted by IAB Polska in cooperation with PwC since 2007. Its results are market standard useful as a base for various analyses concerning advertising revenue. All leading online companies are participants of the study or their revenue is estimated on the basis of financial data, however long-tail is not included in the project.

Results of the study are based on reported data and estimates by Gemius, IHS, PwC and Sotrender.

AdEx data covers revenue of various entities (publishers, agencies, advertising networks), however in all cases only inventory and fee related to inventory is included (e.g. costs of production, purchase of data, creating fan-pages are not reported). Methodology of the study prevents double-counting i.e. results do not include the same ad spend flowing by various participants of the project (e.g. campaigns launched by agencies among publishers).

Results of the study are intented to bring closer market phenomena, however they are not a complex expertise. Business decisions made on the basis of the study should be supported by expert consulting. IAB Polska, as well as participants and partners of the study, are not responsible for decisions made on the basis of the study.